Monday, April 12, 2010

Sue Happy

Just met someone, I don’t really like her very much, her name is Sue Happy. She wants a relationship that will last for years. I don’t think it will be a close relationship though, after all, most of our conversations are through legal counsel. She must be old fashioned because she expects me, the “man,” to pay for everything. I understand she belongs to a growing minority: people suing. There are 70,000 new Sue Happy people nationwide every day that the courts are open. She’s no beauty but really keeps my attention. I can’t sleep without thinking about her, my stomach constantly churns like a first love, and I wake up in cold sweats throughout the night. It must be an emotional attachment. My insurance company wrote me advising I get my own attorney as her claim exceeds the policy limit. Sure hope my wife doesn’t find out about her.

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